How to Get Girls to Play Truth or Dare with You – at the Next Party!

  • Learn how to become the center of attention that decides what gets played at the next party!
  • Master how to get one or many girls to do what you want by entertaining them!
  • Create an exciting evening that you and your friends won’t ever forget!
  • Easily get to kiss the hottest girls at the party. Why stop at kissing? You can push the action further until things get really hot.
  • You can even find yourself a new girlfriend with the attitudes taught in this book!

Did you ever ask yourself
any of these questions?

  • Do you just hate it when everyone gets bored at a party bored because everyone is doing the same for the um-teenth time?
  • Ever wanted to be the guy who decides on a game – and everyone is raving to follow along?
  • Did you ever dream of being the center of attention of your guy friends – while the girls battle for your attention?

Was “Yes” the answer for one or more of these questions...?

Yes, me too. Except that I realized how to get all that easily in a very simple way.

By playing Truth or Dare in the right way with a mixed group of guys and girls, you can bring everyone to basically do whatever you want.

After playing countless times, I saw some patterns of behavior happening again and again. It got really simple to heat things up when you know exactly how to do it.

And I poured every ounce of my knowledge into this nice little Ebook. This way, you can experience the same awesome sleepover Truth or Dare Nights as I have!

Here is What This eBook Will Teach You

  • How to become the kind of guy that gets the good-looking girls to play Truth or Dare with him.
  • Several psychological tricks to convince skeptical girls to play - one or even a whole group of them.

Free Bonuses!

In addition to the 50 pages Ebook “How to Get Girls to Play Truth or Dare”, you get...

  • A printable list of fun and awesome dares safe to do for all ages: Never run out of dares to give each other!
  • A cheat-sheet for preparing a Truth or Dare Party: A good preparation is half of the success!

Want a sneak peak into the Ebook?

No Problem, here are some things we are going to talk about...

  • Exactly how to talk to your friends in order to convince them to play, even if you normally don’t have much authority over your mates.
  • Different party games for all sorts of situations: get everyone relaxed and warmed up for the awesomeness to come (Never be predictable – there are more than one ways to introduce a game of Truth or Dare).
  • The number one strategy that is sure to work every time to get both girls and boys to play and to do dares! (This strategy works best for adults!) You will be making out and finally end up naked faster than you ever imagined!

"How about you let one girl...
...hand you fresh beer all the time,

Another... you a back or a hand massage
(very unobtrusive but sensual and nice)

Another... ...gets to ask permission from the whole group each time she needs to go to the bathroom

While another girl... ...has to refer to you as "your majesty"...

Get out your playfully wicked side!"

From the Ebook "How to Get Girls to Play Truth or Dare"

  • Proven “Inner Game” attitudes for successfully entertain everyone over the whole evening!
  • The best strategies for Teamwork with the other guys: work together to get what you want from the girls. (No, you don’t want to dare them to do silly make overs.)
  • How to do crazy dares with the ladies without anyone having to lose face! (a.k.a. How to Get Girls to Play Truth or Dare with you... A Second Time!)
  • What to do when cornered with an annoying question! (Such as the classical “Who is your Secret Crush?”)
  • Bonus Part of the Ebook: other Party Games to play at a Sleepover if you want to mix things up a little and have a break from playing Truth or Dare.

Why an ebook about only Truth or Dare?

You Can Use the Tips of This Book
to Get Girls Everywhere Else

Actually, the attitudes and the philosophy what jumps to life with every line of this ebook are very useful for your everyday life with girls. Even when you are not playing.

I know this will be very useful to YOU.

And I won’t tell you how this Ebook

  • Will be available only a little time
  • Is now on sale for a reduced price – but only for a limited time
  • Or any other selling rubbish you might read elsewhere.
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